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Summit Councilwoman Appears to Be Firing Gun in Walmart Parking Lot


MCCOMB, MISS. (AP) — A Mississippi councilwoman was arrested and accused of firing a gun and attacking a woman in a Walmart parking lot on Saturday, police said.

Summit Councilwoman Pauline Monley turned herself in Monday after a viral Facebook video appears to show Monley with a gun, firing a shot toward one person and later assaulting a woman, news outlets reported.

McComb Police Chief Garland Ward said Monley was charged with domestic violence, simple assault and discharging a firearm.

The Facebook video shows a woman wearing a pink long sleeved shirt and khaki shorts walking with a gun and shouting, “You’re going to jail.” The woman then fires a shot and walks in the opposite direction.

She later approaches another woman and begins hitting her in the head while still holding the firearm.

According to WLBT-TV, one of the victims identified herself as Lillian Martin. Martin told the news outlet that her fiancé is Monley’s ex-girlfriend. Martin said she ran from Monley when someone screamed that she had a gun.

After being released from jail, Monley told WJTV-TV the video does not tell the whole story. Monley told the news outlet she was attacked first, so she grabbed her gun in self-defense.

“She hit me across my head. As she hit me, I stumbled. My glasses fell on the ground. I picked them up, and as she was still coming at me, I grabbed my gun. It was all in self-defense on my part,” said Monley.

Summit Mayor Percy Robinson said Monley has done a good job as a councilwoman. He also said it’s not his decision whether she stays on the council.